FT European Commerce College Rankings 2018

Europe has long been a continent defined by its divisions, whether east and west, Anglo-Saxon and Latin or those pushing to leave or further integrate the EU. But there was at least one uniting factor across Europe this year, the growth of business education. Most surprising has been the UK’s maintenance of its position in…

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UCF in the end breaks the cease 10 in CFP rankings

UCF put a thrashing on Cincinnati last week, and the College Football Playoff committee took notice. 1. Alabama (11-0)2. Clemson (11-0)3. Notre Dame (11-0)4. Michigan (10-1)5. Georgia (10-1)6. Oklahoma (10-1)7. LSU (9-2)8. Washington State (10-1)9. UCF (10-0)10. Ohio State (10-1)11. Florida (8-3)12. Penn State (8-3)13. West Virginia (8-2)14. Texas (8-3)15. Kentucky (8-3)16. Washington (8-3)17. Utah…

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